Full-Spectrum Fluorescent Lamps and Full-Spectrum LEDs

Unlike LED systems made for birds and reptiles, Arcadia Bird Full-Spectrum+UV-B lamps produce both UV-A and UV-B. LEDs may be advertised as being ‘full-spectrum’ but this is with regard to the colour of light that they produce, they are not able to produce the vital health giving wavelengths of light within ultraviolet. In this case it is vital that the terms and limitations of ‘Full-Spectrum’ and ‘Full-Spectrum+UV-B’ are understood.

It is also common to find ‘Full-Spectrum’ fluorescent lamps at some bird shows and events. In almost all cases these lamps do not produce the correct ratio of UV-A, nor any UV-B. Lamps that include ultraviolet must be legally marked in the EU and the % of UV-A and UV-B be displayed either on the lamp or packaging or both. If a lamp does not show a % of UV and carry the official symbol, then this lamp is not a Full-Spectrum+UV-B lamp and will not allow your bird or birds to benefit in full from the energy contained within these vital wavelengths.

However, Full-Spectrum LEDs can be easily controlled and used alongside an Arcadia-Bird bird lamp to further increase visible light levels and simulate sunrise/sunset. In this way, the LEDs create dawn and dusk and the full-spectrum+UV-B lamp provides the energy contained within light for vision and vitamin D3 production.