PureSun Midi

Provides all of the UVA and UVB for birds to flourish

Full-Spectrum + UV-B Bird Lighting

Lighting Kit

PureSun-Midi is a brand new and exclusive new lighting system from Arcadia Bird, the world leaders in full-spectrum+UV-B research and technology for birds.

PureSun-Midi bird lamp is German made, high quality and has been designed to provide essential full-spectrum+UV-B for pet birds living in larger cages for a whole year.


  • Produces excellent natural colours and iridescence.
  • 2.4% UVB and 12% UVA for optimal avian use.
  • Improves feeding and breeding behaviour.
  • Full spectrum.

T5 Fluorescent Lamp

Length22” / 550mm
DiameterT5 16mm / Standard Output
Spectral Power Distribution (SPD)

Wavelength (nm)

Recommended lamp life

The amount of light emitted from a lamp decreases with the age of the lamp, particularly in lamps which emit ultraviolet radiation, so it is important to remember to change your lamps at the end of their recommended service life, normally at 1 year.

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Ultra Violet Index

UVI measurements taken at the very centre of the strongest point using a solar meter 6.5

Minimum distance from lamp to bird is 200mm/8”.

250mm / 10″1.40
300mm / 12″1.00
375mm / 15″0.80
450mm / 18″0.50
550mm / 22″0.30
600mm / 24″0.20

Lamp Saftey & Usage

Bird lamps remain UV-B potent (within 40% of total output) for one whole year of use.

This is based on using the correct controller and a maximum 12 hour a day photo period. Health concerns should always be reported to a suitable vet who can access the bird properly.

Do not allow birds long exposure to bird lamps at a distance closer than stipulated by the product.

Humans should remain 12” or more away from the lamp.

Lamps should be turned off before cage maintenance is carried out.

Bird lamps should not be sprayed with water directly.

To be sure of UV-B potency, replace bird lamps once yearly.

More on safety…

PureSun-Midi Kit is complete with all that you need to get going from day one, this includes the 14w ProT5 flicker free fitting with removable reflector, fittings kit, British made Acrylic support arm and the PureSun-Midi 14w Arcadia Bird lamp. Simply assemble the kit as instructed, bolt the kit to the cage, check that your perch placement is at the correct height and that’s it your bird can enjoy high quality full-spectrum+UV-B energy with all of its associated health benefits.

PureSun-Midi is the perfect choice for most cages 2’/60cm wide or more in which medium sized pet birds such as lineolated parakeets, Conures, Cockatiels, Senegal Parrots, Meyers Parrots, Dwarf Macaws, small lorikeets, Lovebirds and Parrotlets or Softbills live. PureSun-Midi can also be used for pairs or groups of smaller species living in larger flight type or breeding cages such as Budgerigars, finches, canaries and diamond doves.

Perfect for use over large parrot cages and indoor flights

Full-Spectrum + UV-B Bird Lighting

Complete kit includes:

Light fitting


T5 bird lamp

Acrylic bracket

Like almost all animals birds use the suns energy is a host of amazing ways in excess of using visible light to ‘see’ and infra-red to warm their bodies. Yes birds like most animals also use terrestrial ultra-violet to create vitamin D3 within their own bodies in a safe, effective and self-regulated way.

Vitamin D3 is essential to life in its own right working with almost all of a birds biological processes, but it also allows the assimilation, storage and use of the earths minerals including the vitally important Calcium.

Please use this ‘link’ to learn more about this incredible process in the 5 part ‘Parrots Magazine’ series that reviews how birds use light and how keepers can provide this properly.

Many bird species also use UV-A to activate tetrachromatic vision, this opens up a whole new world of natural colour to them and is used for finding food and water in the wild and also mate selection and chick feeding.

PureSun-Midi bird lighting kits can even be linked up if you have more than one cage. Simply use the Mini Link Cable (optional product code CPSMINLC) to power one kit from another without having to find extra wall sockets.

The Arcadia Bird PureSun-Midi Bird lighting system can be easily linked or ‘daisy-chained’ from one kit to another. If you have more than one cage (up to 10 in 1 chain) you can use the optional ‘Link Cable’ (CPSMINLC) to power one kit from another without having to find another wall socket.

The Optional cable is 1.2m long and will allow you to place your cages apart at a safe distance should you wish to. PureSun-Midi can also be linked to our 54w High-output T5 ‘ProT5’ bird fitting.

If you have a pet bird or birds that are allowed time out of the cage and are inclined to chew, it is a good idea to invest in some extra slip over cable protection for all of the cables that supply the PureSun-Midi kit.

We have included some clips inside of the kit to help you keep power cables away from the bars. Please do take care to ensure that chewing birds are not able to reach power cables at any time.

The PureSun-Midi Bird lighting system has not only been designed to be pleasing to look at in the modern home, but to also supply the essential energy that is contained within light for birds in a safe and measured way.

Typically, PureSun-Midi should be fitted centrally over smaller cages and so that the acrylic arm is fully extended at the top of the cage. A perch should then be placed directly under the fitting so that when the bird is sitting upright within this ‘basking zone’ the birds head is 8-12” /20-30cm away from the lamp. This will be the ‘upper index basking zone’, or, the area in-which the bird can allow itself exposure to light where the UV Index is highest. The bird will then be able to easily navigate around the lower sections and sides of the cage in order to find a gentle gradient into shade. We call this ‘self-regulation’.

Many species of bird are able to climb onto the bars to become closer than the advised 8”/20cm. This is perfectly safe for short periods if the PureSun-Midi bird lighting kit is fully extended above the cage wire.

For larger/wider cages, PureSun-Midi can be fitted over either the left or right hand side of the cage. This will then provide the bird or birds access to an illuminated area and a horizontal gradient into shade.

Use plenty of natural perching so that your bird or birds can easily find places to rest and of course the quantity or ‘Index’ of ultra-violet that they require at that moment. Yep, birds are very clever you know, self-regulation comes very naturally to them.

After years of experience, we have found a typical ‘12/12’ hour per day period of illumination to be perfect. This will help set a natural day/night cycle and be long enough to allow your bird or birds to maintain the natural D3 cycle. Illuminated periods or the ‘Photoperiod’ can be safely manipulated by breeders who need to create a sense of season for the birds in order to allow natural reproduction. This is perfectly safe within the bounds of expert care and PureSun-Midi can be easily used to help with this. Birds should be given total darkness during the night, the use of a cover may be useful. Having access to total darkness is vital to the natural D3 cycle.

Voltage 220-240V 50Hz / United States: 110-120V 60Hz

CPSMIN14United Kingdom
CPSMIN14ZUnited States

T5 Fluorescent Lamp

Link Cable

PureSun Mini