Our Mission

Arcadia Bird has a long history in providing the worlds finest, most up to date bird lighting systems

Using the very latest tech to ensure birds live long healthy lives. For nearly 20 years the Arcadia Bird lamp has been the benchmark for full-spectrum lighting for birds. Join us as we explore the science behind the product.

Our research and development led to the release of the very first T8 Full-Spectrum UV-B bird lamps in 1999.

Since that time, we have designed, made and sold hundreds of thousands of T8, compact, HO-T5 and T5 linear compact Bird lamps all over the globe.

We pioneered the use of German made High Output T5 lighting for birds first with our bespoke ParrotPro fitting and then with our range of linear HO-T5 bird lamps, perfect for use over flights and larger cages.

Our Full-Spectrum+UV-B bird lamps are used in the worlds most respected Zoos and private collections and have been for decades. They have been designed to provide wild-like energy in a safe, effective, gentle way.

Arcadia Bird lamps are made to the very highest quality in the worlds most respected lamp houses and offer unparalleled output and longevity.

Providing the correct type of lighting to pet birds is essential, it allows birds to both make and self-regulate their own Vitamin D3, which in-turn allows them to assimilate, store and use vital minerals such as Calcium. This ensures strong bones, healthy feathers, strong eggs, improves reproduction and inspires song.

Bird lighting that includes UV also ‘activates’ highly developed, natural full-colour vision in birds, decreases stress, helps with food location, mate selection and reproduction.

Arcadia Bird lighting is also used in veterinary medicine as a therapeutic aid to both calcium and D3 deficiency and as a therapy for habitual feather plucking.

Full-spectrum+UV-B lighting helps to produce D3 naturally, allows the assimilation of minerals and helps to balance blood chemistry.

Our Products

The Arcadia Bird ‘PureSun-Mini’ complete lighting system is easy to use, flicker-free, modern and attractive. This Full-Spectrum + UV-B kit has been designed by bird keepers for small to medium species of pet bird in the home.

The Arcadia Bird 8watt MiniKit has been designed to fit onto breeding cages where it can be linked, controlled and provide quality energy rich light for bird breeders.

PureSun-Compact is our ‘all-new’ Screw in, flicker-free, compact fluorescent lamp. Upgraded, re-invented, refreshed and easy to use.

ParrotPro is the very first HO-T5 flicker-free ‘Power compact’ lighting system for Parrots and other larger species. ParrotPro is easy to site over a cage, flicker free and IP67 waterproof

ProT5 for birds is our flicker-free 54w HO-T5 fitting, perfect for large parrot cages or within flights. ProT5 includes the very latest German HO-T5 bird lamp, is easy to fit, robust, linkable and directional

Arcadia Bird T8 full-spectrum+UV-B bird lamps have been used all over the world for 20 years. Tried, Tested, Reliable and perfect for lighting bird rooms and breeding collections.

Arcadia Bird lamps are made to the highest quality and use the very latest technology to deliver outstanding results every time. Unlike LED systems made for birds and reptiles, Arcadia Bird Full-Spectrum+UV-B lamps produce both UV-A and UV-B.

Our bird lighting range is well researched, well made, used by experts and is UV-B potent for one whole year of use.

Provide the very best for your pet birds with Arcadia Bird, experts in bird care.

key features

Flicker free

Teflon free

Produces safe UV-A and UV-B

Colour vision

Excellent natural colours

Provides D3 and increases Calcium

Improves breeding