Versatile compact lamp fitting

This fitting will safely run any E27 compact lamp and has a specifically designed dimpled high output reflector that is very effective in flooding light and UV over a usable area (Photogradient).

  • Bolts securely onto a bird cage
  • Directional light with multiple angles
  • Universal ceramic E27 fitting
  • Removable safety mesh
  • High performance aluminium reflector
  • Sturdy aluminum housing
Fitting E27
Voltage 220-240V 50/60Hz

Available in 2 versions

Code Plug

The fitting has swivel arms and can be focussed properly onto a basking area.

This fitting can be secured either by screwing it into the top of a vivarium, placing over the top of a mesh topped vivarium or by being securely bolted onto a suitable bird cage.

It is important that animals that are supplied with artificial lighting products have the ability to find shade. This is essential to the D3 cycle. Light Sources should be fitted above the animals head height to reduce glare risk and should light a portion of the living space so that areas of light and shade can be found. The basking spot for most species of reptile, amphibian and bird when using Arcadia branded lamps is 12-15” from the lamp to the animals head.


Let animals sleep or sit in or on the fitting.

Heavily or directly spray the fitting with water.

Insert the lamps by turning them by the glass but screw in firmly using the base of the lamp.

For birds

This fitting has been carefully designed to be fitted onto a bird cage safely. However large hookbills and those birds that are prone to chewing should be prevented from reaching the cables and lamp. For these birds the use of the Parrot Pro maybe a better idea.

Products available from most good retailers both in-store and online.


E27 Compact Lamp