maxi lighting range


The Parrot Pro and adjustable fitting stand is the perfect option for larger bird cages used in the home and for small communal flights with smaller birds.

24W Parrot Pro

Maxi Cages


ParrotPro uses the very latest Hight Output T5 lighting technology to create a bright, UV rich light source that is naturally Flicker free. ParrotPro is also IP67 waterproof.

Birds use UV-A to ‘activate’ colour vision and UV-B to create essential vitamin D3 within their own body’s in the most natural and safest way. Vitamin D3 is essential to life but it also allows the correct assimilation, storage and use of the earths minerals. Being able to store and use Calcium ensures strong bones, good feather health, improves vital organ function, improves captive breeding and reduces the chance of feather plucking.

ParrotPro can be easily fitted over a cage pointing down onto the bird where it will help them to view the world in full colour and allow them to make essential vitamin D3 within their body.

Breeding systems that include Bird lighting not only allow birds to find mates easily, but they also ensure high levels of health in the birds. This leads to better reproduction, stronger shells, less dead in shell and stronger bones. Both 8w 2.4% UV-B Kit and 54w T5 Kit are flicker free.


ParrotPro is perfect for use with the larger ‘short-tail’ Parrots and large Parakeet such as…

  • African greys
  • Amazon Parrots
  • Small Cockatoos
  • Jardines
  • Large Conures
  • Dwarf Macaws
  • Mynah birds (medium sized sofbills)
  • Sharma Thrushes (medium sized sofbills)

ParrotPro is also the ideal lighting source for small indoor communal flights, such as those use to keep groups of finches or small softbills.