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The Arcadia Bird ProT5 Bird lighting kit uses our ‘worlds first’ HO-T5 Bird lamp in 54 Watts.

54W ProT5

Super Sized Cages

54W UV-B Kit

Super Sized Cages


Birds use UV-A to ‘activate’ colour vision and UV-B to create essential vitamin D3 within their own body’s in the most natural and safest way. Vitamin D3 is essential to life but it also allows the correct assimilation, storage and use of the earths minerals. Being able to store and use Calcium ensures strong bones, good feather health, improves vital organ function, improves captive breeding and reduces the chance of feather plucking.

The Arcadia Bird ‘ProT5’ lighting kit for birds uses the very latest in German lamp technology to create a wide beam of UV rich illumination with the highest CRI to date. ProT5 is Flicker Free and versatile. ProT5 for birds can also be linked with the cable included in the box, making searching for power sources a thing of the past.


The lamps are 46”/1150mm long and are perfect for mounting over large parrot cages such as those used for large Macaws, large conures and Cockatoos. This easy to use and energy efficient kit will allow you to provide the correct level of UV whilst still providing easy to access shade.

ProT5 for birds can also be fitted into or over larger indoor flight cages such as those used by Budgerigar breeders, tropical bird keepers and those keeping mixed flights of finches.

  • Large Macaws
  • Large Conures
  • Cockatoos