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lighting solutions for various cages
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lighting solutions for various cages

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What is light and why is it so important?

Part 1 / Issue 264

In this article, I will describe what light is, why it is vitally important for nutrition, and then seek to cover the subject of why full-spectrum + UV-B lighting for birds is so important.

Parrot Magazine / January 2020

Part 2 / Issue 265

In this second part of John Courteney-Smith’s article on light, he considers UV lamps, health, wellbeing and reproduction.

Parrot Magazine / February 2020

Part 3 / Issue 266

In this third part of John Courteney-Smith’s series on light, he considers how natural light is vital in maintaining the core balance of vitamin D and calcium.

Parrot Magazine / March 2020

Part 4 / Issue 268

In this fourth part of John Courteney-Smith’s explains the importance of choosing the correct UV lamp in order to provide the correct amount of natural UV light depending on individual requirements.

Parrot Magazine / May 2020