Mounting a simple lighting solution can sometimes prove to be tricky. One of the simplest of ways is by using our popular compact lamp bracket. Constructed using a ceramic lamp holder and metal bracket, fits any standard E27 screw fitting, although we recommend our 20W Compact Lamp as it emits a safe amount of UV to fully optimse the best health of your pet bird.


  • Compact lighting attached to your cage
  • Manual switch on lead
  • Universal ceramic E27 fitting
  • Easy to use with most available bird cages

Tech info

Fitting E27
Voltage 220-240V 50/60Hz

Available in 2 versions

Code Plug


Lamp not included

Mounting directions

  • Twist thumb nut to remove base plate.
  • Place base plate on inside of cage with thread outwards.
  • On the outside of the cage, place bracket over thread of base plate.
  • it thumb nut, and tighten to hold bracket in place.

N.B. Ensure cable is not falling between cage bars.

Products available from most good retailers both in-store and online.


E27 Compact Lamp