Tried, tested and proven reliable over decades

We have made and sold hundreds of thousands of this robust controller which arrives complete with IP67 waterproof lamp leads.

The Ultra Seal® lamp leads are also easy to unplug from the controller, making it very easy to install.

Our range of T8 controllers are built to last and arrive complete with a full 5 year guarantee.

These controllers are wattage specific, so simply add the T8 lamp of your choice and the correct length reflector.

  • 5 Year Guarantee.
  • Long life.

Tried, tested and proven reliable over decades

Lamp Leads

Code Description Rating
RACR** SplashProof IP64
RACUP** WaterProof IP67

Products available from most good retailers both in-store and online.



Dry Vivariums

Supplied with (IP64) ‘Splash proof’ lamp leads.

Code Watt Length
RACR15 15W 450mm / 18″
RACR18 18W 600mm / 24″
RACR30 30W 900mm / 36″
RACR36 36W 1200mm / 48″


Wet Vivariums

Supplied with waterproof (IP67) Ultra Seal®.

Mini plug and socket connector on lamp holder leads, allows the lamp holders to be detached from main unit.

Code Watt Length
RACUP15 14/15W 450mm / 18″
RACUP18 18W 600mm / 24″
RACUP30 25/30W 900mm / 36″
RACUP36 36/38W 1050/1200mm

T5/T8 Fluorescent Lamps