Maximises light in your aviary by using a linear reflector above or behind your fluorescent lamp. Available in lengths to suit our Standard T8 lamps and High Output 54W T5 Lamp.


  • Double the light output
  • Includes clips for fluorescent tubes
  • Easy to clean, corrosion resistant aluminum

T5 High Output Lamp

Code Watt Length
RALRS54 54W 1150mm / 46″

T8 Standard Lamp

Code Watt Length
RALR15 15W 450mm / 18″
RALR18 18W 600mm / 24″
RALR30 30W 900mm / 36″
RALR36 36W 1200mm / 48″
RALR58 58W 1500mm /60″

Products available from most good retailers both in-store and online.


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