Provide an artificial source of ultraviolet (UV) light, which is essential to captive birds denied exposure to direct sunlight.

T8/T5 Linear Lamps

Provide an artificial source of ultraviolet (UV) light, which is essential to captive birds denied exposure to direct sunlight.

  • High CRI
  • Outstanding natural colours
  • Allows natural avian vision
  • Provides essential D3
  • Strong bones
  • Improves reproductionr

T8/T5 Linear Lamps

DiameterT5 / T8
Spectral Power Distribution (SPD)

Wavelength (nm)

Lamp Saftey & Usage

Bird lamps remain UV-B potent (within 40% of total output) for one whole year of use.

This is based on using the correct controller and a maximum 12 hour a day photo period. Health concerns should always be reported to a suitable vet who can access the bird properly.

Do not allow birds long exposure to bird lamps at a distance closer than stipulated by the product.

Humans should remain 12” or more away from the lamp.

Lamps should be turned off before cage maintenance is carried out.

Bird lamps should not be sprayed with water directly.

To be sure of UV-B potency, replace bird lamps once yearly.

More on safety…

Products available from most good retailers both in-store and online.


T5 & T8 Fluorescent Lamps

T5 High Output

The 54w Bird lamp uses the very latest High Output T5 technology to project a high quantity of light down into a large cage or flight.

HO-T5 lamps produce nearly two times more light over the whole spectrum than standard output T8 lamps. They are bright, energy rich, slimline and ‘Flicker Free’.

The Arcadia Bird 54w T5 Bird lamp has been made in Germany to produce a clean, crisp full-spectrum colour of light with an unbeaten CRI. UV-A is included at 30% of total light output and UV-B at 2.4%.

This lamp is included as standard in both our ProT5 and 54W UV Kit. It can also be used with our high quality 54W HO-T5 IP67 controller and Reflector.

The 54W Arcadia Bird HO-T5 Bird lamp uses the very finest components and phosphor technology, as such this lamp has a full 12 month UV-B life.

Provide the very best for your birds with Arcadia Bird lamps.

T5 High Output Lamp

CFB088W300mm / 12″
CFB54T554W1150mm / 46″

T5 lamps – Diameter Ø16mm

Standard T8

We have been designing and making specialist Full-Spectrum+UV-B lamps for birds for over 20 years. The Arcadia Bird T8 bird lamp was where it all started for us.

This technology is adaptable, easy to use, affordable and proven effective time and time again.

These gentle lamps are available in a range of lengths and can be used with our standard output T8 controllers or any quality wattage specific luminaire.

The T8 Arcadia Bird lamp is robust and adaptable. It can be easily fitted to banks of breeding cages or placed inside of indoor flights with ease. It can also be used to increase birdroom illumination, set natural day/night cycles and allow bird keepers to view their birds in the most natural way.

T8 bird lamps can be safely fitted to the bars of most breeding cages, they are gentle in nature and will allow full avian vision and the natural production of D3.

This technology is our benchmark, it is proven safe and effective and has a UV potency of one year of use.

T8 Standard Lamp

CFB1515W450mm / 18″
CFB1818W600mm / 24″
CFB3030W900mm / 36″
CFB3636W1200mm / 48″
CFB5858W1500mm /60″

T8 lamps – Diameter Ø26mm


Magnetic Controller

Electronic Controller