Tried, tested and proven reliable over decades

Featuring High Frequency Electronic Ballast

We have made and sold hundreds of thousands of this robust controller which arrives complete with IP67 waterproof lamp leads.

The Ultra Seal® lamp leads are also easy to unplug from the controller, making it very easy to install.

  • Flicker Free.
  • Long life.

Tried, tested and proven reliable over decades

Lamp Leads

Code Description Rating
RACRE WaterProof IP67

Products available from most good retailers both in-store and online.



Wet Vivariums

Supplied with waterproof (IP67) Ultra Seal®.

Mini plug and socket connector on lamp holder leads, allows the lamp holders to be detached from main unit.

Code Lamp
RACRE154 Single
RACRE254 Double

For use with Arcadia T5 High Output Lamp

Wattage 54W
Length 1150mm/46″
Diameter 16mm
Code CFB54T5

T5/T8 Fluorescent Lamps