Full-spectrum + UV-B lamps produce and project light that contains Ultraviolet down into the living space of a bird.

This energy should be thought of as ‘essential’ as it both allows a bird to see correctly within the extended range of colours allowed for by the addition of the 4th ocular cell (tetrachromacy), but they also allow a bird to start and to maintain the self-limiting cyclical process of natural vitamin D3 production, storage and use. Having optimum levels of D3 will allow a bird to assimilate, store and use essential minerals such as Calcium.

This increases bone health, helps to balance blood chemistry, improves muscle function and organ function, aids reproduction and can reduce harmful plucking. Without having optimum stores of D3 within the body essential minerals such as Calcium simply pass through the body without being used. Yes, if you want your cuttle-bone to be effective, then the bird has to have adequate vitamin D3.

Full-spectrum+UV-B lamps replicate the energy of gentle terrestrial daylight and do contain ultraviolet (UV-A and UV-B), just as the sun. As we know, over exposure to UV can be very damaging to both the skin and eyes. In humans we call this ‘sun burn’. Full-Spectrum+UV-B lamps made especially for birds are very effective and safe to use if used in the correct way. These lamps are not ‘tanning lamps’ and direct exposure to human skin should not be allowed. Birds should not be forced to sit more closely than 6” between the birds head and the lamp. Birds should be able to move freely around the cage and to be able to ‘self-regulate’ their exposure between optimum light levels and shade. They may climb closer than the advised distance stipulated on the product, but this will only be for a few seconds and they will only be exposed to a level of UV or ‘UV Index’ similar to midday daylight at this distance. There is very little risk to birds exploring their cages in a normal fashion.

Bird lamps should always be placed directly over the bird’s cage and never fitted to the side, at eye level or at an angle. Please follow the fitting instructions properly to be certain that your bird is receiving optimum exposure.

Is there a risk to human health? The honest answer is, only if the product is improperly used or the keeper remains under direct exposure to the lamp for very long periods whilst being closer than 12” 30cm from the exposed skin to the lamp. These lamps replicate morning sun and are very gentle. It is far more likely that a keeper would experience thermal burn before tanning or sun burn occurred.

It is advised that the lamp is switched off before any in-cage maintenance is undertaken. Keepers should also sit more than 12”/30cm away from direct exposure to the lamp. We have designed this fitting so that the greatest quantity of the energy within the lamp travels directly downwards. This means that any overspill travelling out of the sides of the cage will be very be low indeed.

UV potency should be checked with a solarmeter 6.5 index meter.

Certain medications carry warnings to avoid exposure to the sun. If you are taking one of the medications, please be careful to not allow direct exposure to this lamp and seek the advice of your doctor.

The risk of burns to humans is tremendously low, the benefits to the birds however, when used correctly are tremendously high.

This is an electrical product and as such it has an electrical supply. Care MUST be taken to avoid allowing birds to sit on the unit and/or chewing the cables. As example, parrots can easily bite through the cabling. If you have a chewing species, please ensure that you use suitable slide over cable armour over all cables. Please use the stick-on clips provided to keep cables away from the cage.

Do not allow your bird to sit on, access or chew the lamp fitting, glass lamp or cables.

Arcadia full-spectrum+UV-B lamps should be replaced once a year. Arcadia Bird lamps can be removed from the fitting once a month or as required after being allowed to cool and then wiped clean of any dust with a clean soft cloth. This will ensure that as much light as possible is being produced by the lamp.

Arcadia Bird lamps have been designed to be safe. As such, we manufacture our lamps within the highest quality standards. Arcadia Bird lamps are both UV-C free and free from the use of non-stick coatings linked to fatality in birds.